Enrolment Procedure

Enrolment Procedure, St John’s Hill School

We welcome new enrolments to our school.

As we are a zoned school there are different criteria for enrolling your child.

Please see the flow chart below for procedures.

2022 Enrolment Flowchart

Enrolment forms:

New Enrolment Form

Application Form Out of Zone 2022

Out of Zone Enrolments for 2022 have now closed. 

2022 New Entrants

We will be operating Cohort Entry for our New Entrant Students from 2022.                      All New Entrants will start on the entry date that falls after their 5th Birthday.

Cohort Entry Dates for 2022 are:

Term 1:   1st Entry                                     Term 1:   Mid-Term Entry                           02/02/2022                                               14/03/2022

Term 2:   1st Entry                                     Term 2:   Mid-Term Entry                                          02/05/2022                                                07/06/2022

Term 3:   1st Entry                                      Term 3:   Mid-Term  Entry                                      25/07/2022                                                 29/08/2022

Term 4:   1st Entry                                      Term 4:   Mid-Term  Entry                          17/10/2022                                                 21/11/2022