Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message, St John’s Hill SchoolIf you are a prospective parent, I thank you for considering our School for your child’s education.

I understand that selecting the right school for your child is very important. At St Johns Hill School, we strive for excellence.  Our aim is to guide and nurture each student to reach their potential in all areas of school life.

As a “child centred school”, this includes the learners academic, social, physical and emotional needs.

We aim to provide a school climate where our students are secure, happy, co-operative and industrious.  The virtue of respect drives this. “Respect for self, others and our environment” is very important to creating our positive school tone.

We are one of only a few N.Z. “Green Gold” enviroschools.  By this we are recognised for our schools’ focus on Education for Sustainability.

We strongly believe that all our students and community have the potential to contribute effectively to the society we live in.  Our curriculum has a strong focus on actions which positively impact on the environment we live in.  We “think globally and act locally” by celebrating and enjoying our natural environment, reducing, reusing, recycling and creating and caring for our landscape.

Our learning community values the culture, programmes experiences and success provided.

The Education Review Office recently reported this about our Mission statement.

“St Johns Hill School will provide a quality education where children develop respect for themselves, others and the environment and aim for excellence in all endeavours” is successfully enacted in practice.

Michael Fitzgerald